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Bruce Waynes Mannor & Batcave

Xbox Gamertag: ANDY FARR 1986 (with help from 'I Iz Da Whelan' 'I Iz Da ELITE' '¡¡ R e e e Dx')
(Also contains Supermans Sanctuary, Tony Stark's / Iron Man's Mansion.)

* Finished the Wayne Manor with furniture in the bedrooms.
* Finished Starks Mansion on cliff side, also adding his Laboratory.
* Rail system/track from Spawn area to Wayne Mannor etc.

90% Complete

Total Downloads: 7572



Large City with Housing Estate

Xbox Gamertag: ANDY FARR 1986 (with help from 'Lundriel' 'I Iz Da Whelan' 'I Iz Da ELITE')
Large City area perfect for fighting other 'Crafters' online...


* Fixed broken link in download so now works.

* Completed all housing and structures in city.

All that remains to do is furnish some buildings / structures.

98% Complete

Total Downloads: 7180



Creative Fun

Xbox Gamertag: ANDY FARR 1986 (with help from 'Lundriel')
Large projects including an unfurnished hotel, Japanese, Working TNT Tank, Army Base, underwater Living quarters plus your own personnel underground rail system....


Total Downloads: 1217



Underwater Refuge / Base

Xbox Gamertag: ANDY FARR 1986 (with help from 'I Iz Da Whelan')
Large underwater Refuge / Base perfect for small combat and online gaming...


40% Complete - Mass Effect Texture Pack Only

Total Downloads: 3686



Large Castle -

Xbox Gamertag: I Iz Da Whelan (design and layout help by 'ANDY FARR 1986')
Large Fort with Castle... The fort has its own town, farm, church amongst other things it als contains a castle on the top of the hill.... This could be a great hunger Games map...

60% Complete

Total Downloads: 1556




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